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Tracking shipments

Buy54's Tracking Service offers tracking of packages that is on their way to you. The main advantage of our tracking system is the existence of cross-data from several global tracking sites at the same time. As a result, you can get a summary of the package's progress in chronological order and location. For example, when an order is placed from Ali Express, the seller from China sends the parcel via Chinese mail. The Zambia Postal Service website will not display information about the location of the package until it arrives to the Zambia post sorting center. Through our tracking service, you can track the location of the package even while it is abroad, through a global, integrated interface of displaying data from a variety of tracking sites abroad.

What is it a tracking number?

A tracking number is a code that usually consists of letters and numbers and it is the package ID. When the seller arrives to ship the package, she receives a unique tracking number that will accompany her throughout her journey to the customer. The tracking number is affixed to the parcel which uses the postal services or the shipping companies for identification and control, which allows you to track the parcel location that passes through sorting centers, intermediate points and distribution centers.

Want to know where is the package?

Expecting to get a package? Want to know what the last place the package was and where it is now? To see the package location, enter the tracking number the seller has included in the search bar. The tracking number of each package can be found in your order menu on the website, it appears light blue in each order. Alternatively, you can simply click on the tracking number that appears in the order menu and it will take you directly to the tracking page and automatically search for that specific tracking number. Our service easily and simply tracks the location of your package and it can be used any day and time of the week.

Tracking packages by tracking code

(Tracking Number)
The Shipping Tracking service on the Buy54 website fully monitors packages in countries such as the US, China, Israel, Russia, European countries, Korea, Singapore, Japan and more.

Once you enter the tracking code in the search field, the system will show you the last location of the package. Thanks to our service, you will be able to see the location of the package throughout its journey until the destination, Of course even if the shipment is from overseas! And all this simply and easily through our website.

Our service will track your item route 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Currently, over 100,000 searches have been carried out to check packages sent to Zambia.