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Ebay is one of the largest sales sites in the world and certainly one of the first. It was established more than 25 years ago! On eBay, buyers and sellers meet from almost all over the world. The site is actually one huge sales market, which connects sellers, shops and small businesses with customers from all over the world. The number of eBay users is greater than 250 million people! The prices on eBay are competitive and usually there are also auctions on various products, with the advantage being that you can find prices that are not available anywhere else!

The advantages of eBay

  • There are products that are cheaper to buy in other parts of the world - If you have ever traveled abroad, you must have noticed the differences between the prices of products in other countries. For example: the prices of clothes and textiles are much cheaper in the countries of the Far East than in the rest of the world. The prices of toiletry and hygiene products are particularly low in the countries of Central Europe, and the prices of animal products are particularly profitable to buy in Spain. Even if you wander for a short time on the ebay site you will discover many big differences between categories of products. When we buy directly from the stores in these countries we can achieve savings of Hundreds and thousands of shekels, sometimes even every month.
  • Convenient contact with the manufacturer- Another advantage when ordering through eBay is the possibility to contact the manufacturer directly. Thanks to the Internet we can correspond with sellers from all over the world and ask them questions related to their expertise. Stores and private sellers have already understood the power of smart shopping through the network and they provide a message service that responds to every request. You can ask clothing sellers about the type of fabric from which the evening dress we order is made, or ask to make changes to it at our request. You can ask about the specifications of a professional camera and find out from the seller how it is recommended to use it, and much more.
  • Independent shop of experts- In recent years, many small shops have disappeared and in their place huge shopping malls and chains of the same boring shops have appeared. What happened to all those seamstresses and tailors, all the artists and manufacturers of expensive objects, with decades of experience? Where have all these talented people gone and the quality work they know how to do? Thanks to the Internet, you can find the same experts again and buy directly from them. The independent stores that sell through eBay usually specialize only in the product that we buy from them - which ensures that they know exactly what to do in any matter related to it.
  • Reviews of products and sellers - eBay is one of the first companies that made the method of online reviews so important for ordering from abroad. Today, more companies use this very effective method. Customers rate products and to the sellers according to their satisfaction with the buying process in its entirety - from the ease of ordering, through the quality of communication with the seller, the arrival time of the product to the quality of the final product and satisfaction with it. The scores are weighted to a number in percentages, which appears next to the seller's name. The reputation of Online sellers are very important to them because it increases sales, so they will provide particularly good service and want their customers to be satisfied with all stages of the purchase.

The advantages of buying from Buy54

The Buy54 site connects Zambia surfers with all the advantages offered by buying from eBay and saves them from the disadvantages and awkwardness involved in ordering from the original site.

  • Buy54 saves you registering for PayPal or the website - when buying with Buy54, you do not need to register for the eBay website or online credit websites such as PayPal, which eBay users are required to do. With Buy54 you will not have to open another account or perform additional unnecessary actions. You can buy directly from the website without cumbersome registration. Payment on the website involves an additional fee.
  • Buy54 presents a price comparison - the search engine on the site shows the prices of the products. You can display them in ascending or descending order according to your choice, and compare where is the cheapest to buy.
  • Presentation of offers - On the Buy54 website are all eBay products. You can easily see the promotions on each and every item on the product pages on the Buy54 website. This way you can immediately see how much each purchase is worth and how much you will save on each product.
  • Buy54 in English – The Buy54 website is accessible in the English language. The site's search engine allows you to type in the names of the products in English and it already knew how to find them in the original language. Buy54 surfers receive customer service in the English language, they can communicate in English with sellers from around the world at the click of a button. The site's service team is always happy to help in English with every inquiry and request - from the first step of ordering the product to the moment when you receive the order and even after that. The service team takes care of all the bureaucratic processes that are conducted in front of the buyer protection of the foreign websites.
  • Delivery Tracking – The website has the option to track the package sent to you. You don't need to search on the post office website or overseas delivery websites. The entire journey of your order, from the moment it goes out until it is at the post office and in your hands - on one convenient page.
  • Customer service in a variety of channels - You can contact Buy54's service system via email, on the contact us page on the website and also by instant chat with a human representative on Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m. 17:00
  • Customs Shield – Buy54's flagship service, and also the main reason to order expensive products through the website. When we order packages that cost more than $75, our order can be caught in customs. In such a situation they will ask us to release her, and spend a lot of money for it. Buy54 is the only one that gives those who order through it a full refund for the costs of clearing the package from customs (purchase tax, VAT and customs). Just take a picture of the receipts of the product and the payment to customs and Buy54 will refund the money. It's that simple.The package release is done by The customer and his responsibility and not by the Buy54 company. All orders on the website include a customs protection service
  • Type what you want on eBay in Hebrew and we simplify all the other processes, without the need to register for PayPal or the original website

Ordering from Ebay in English and easily - only through Buy54!