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Buy54 unites the biggest stores in the net.

We work for one purpose - to make the virtual buying process easy.

Our history

We became addicted to shopping from abroad years before we founded Buy54. The prices that save us money and the selection abroad that exceeds the selection in any store or chain in Zambia.
Despite all the advantages, we still encountered problems when purchasing from abroad. We missed two things: simplicity and transparency.
We're not the only ones - friends, acquaintances and family members do too experienced cumbersome ordering processes, unsuccessful attempts to obtain a refund money and indifferent or even contemptuous treatment from the staff customer in large stores.

That's why we decided to found Buy54.
Buy54 is one website that answers all problems related to ordering products from abroad. The goal was clear - for customers from Zambia to enjoy all the advantages of eBay, Ali Express and Amazon simply and quickly and without unnecessary complications. We opened Buy54 in 2013 and if someone told us that in a few years the website would become a shopping arena regularly visited by hundreds of thousands of Zambians, we would pinch ourselves and the person who told us that... and here we are. :)

Benefits with Buy54

  • You do not need to register on the website before placing an order. Registration takes place during your first purchase on the website, and the system recognizes you later. The system will recognize you later so you can enjoy easy and quick access to all Buy54 stores.

  • There is someone to talk to - Buy54's Zambia customer service will be to answer any questions and will accompany you from the moment of purchase until you receive the product and even later.

  • You can also order with a Zambia payment card - at Buy54 you can order with a debit card or any non-international card.

  • Customs Protector - Buy54's unique service that, as the name suggests, protects you against customs duties and other import fees. The service provides a full refund if your order is liable for taxes.

  • Convenient tracking of orders in real time - a dedicated area on the website allows you to view all placed orders, even abroad, as well as chat with sellers and check the status of the shipment.

Branches of Buy54 in Israel and Europe

Contact us by e-mail, we always respond
Israel, Beersheva[email protected]
Cyprus, Nicosia[email protected]
Romania, Bucharest[email protected]
Portugal, Lisbon[email protected]

Our goal

Convenience and simplicity

We believe in simplicity. We have built the system in the simplest and most user-friendly way possible. The purchase is made with just a few clicks of the mouse and it is very easy to understand how the site works. We translated everything that could be translated - it's much easier to products when the categories are in a familiar language.

Continuous improvement

Buy54 is always striving to improve the system. In the background of the website, we are developing mechanisms that help us understand how we can save you not only money on purchases, but also the time you spend looking for the products you are interested in. We strive to present our users with the most relevant products for their search. Focus groups help us identify places that can be improved, and we always pay attention to Internet users suggestions to make the system even more convenient and intuitive.