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Accessibility Statement

BUY FIFTY FOUR TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED operates and will continue to operate to improve and facilitate the accessibility and usability of the information available on the website, including making it more accessible and useful for all users with disabilities. BUY FIFTY FOUR TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is currently in the process of implementing the relevant instructions and standards of the Israeli Standard 5568, which adopted the "World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0". Our site will be examined and checked periodically by appropriate software and users with disabilities who will test the technologies adapted to the site and its usability.

So what have we encountered?

  1. Your computer can read web pages aloud: This site allows the computer to read aloud the content of BUY FIFTY FOUR TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED using suitable software that enables listening to web pages such as BrowseAloud etc.
  2. Use, perform actions on the site and purchase at BUY FIFTY FOUR TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED using the keyboard only: This site allows the use of hotkeys for improved orientation, obtaining information, and performing actions on the BUY FIFTY FOUR TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED site. In many of our pages, you can find a "Continue" button that allows proceeding to the next page or returning to the previous screen. Smart keys and other control keys will be among others according to the browser used and its version.
  3. Enlarging the text on the site: Today, using almost any modern browser, it is possible to increase and decrease the text on the site, also by using only the computer's mouse.
  4. Additional enlargement: If enlarging the text through the browser is not sufficient to make it readable on the web page, additional enlargement of the text can be done using the accessibility toolbar.
  5. Changing background and text color: For those who find it difficult to read the content on the site due to the background color, text color, or the contrast between them, it is now possible to change the colors using the accessibility toolbar, which works on most modern internet browsers.

Making the BUY FIFTY FOUR TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED site accessible is an ongoing process, and therefore we would be happy to receive feedback about the use of the site, where it can be improved and what to change to make it more accessible. For any question or other issue, you can contact us at the email address [email protected].