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Shipping, Returns and Cancellation Policy

  1. As stated in Section 1, it is hereby clarified to the user that the product return and order cancellation policies are subject to the laws and regulations of the country where the seller is located and are subject to the terms of use of the e-commerce site for which the Buy54 site provides the service.
  2. It is not possible to cancel the transaction on the Buy54 site after an order has been made, including all partner sites for which the Buy54 site provides services.
  3. Products and/or items marketed by partner sellers are subject to Israeli laws with all that implies.
  4. It is the user's responsibility to pay shipping fees for an item and/or product that is returned to the seller and/or business and/or partner of the Buy54 site.
  5. If there is a delay in the arrival of an order/orders to the address provided at the time of purchase, it must be reported to Buy54 Holdings Ltd., which operates the Buy54 site, in a written notice about the delay of the order/orders. Notification of the delay must not be later than 40 days from the date of the order/orders if made from eBay, and if the order was placed from Ali Express, written notice of the delay from the customer must not be later than a number of days after the last product arrival time (Buy54 will initiate a consumer protection case with the international site if the order was not received by this date). In the case where a defective/different product than described was received, it is the customer's responsibility to inform the site's team close to the date of receiving the product. Any damage reported after 3 days or more from receiving the product will be considered as damage caused by the buyer. In the case of receiving the notification under the conditions outlined in the current section, Buy54 Holdings Ltd. will initiate a process (hereinafter: "Case") against the seller according to the consumer protection terms of that partner site from which the product/s were purchased. Buy54 Holdings Ltd. has no responsibility for the return of money and/or items or for a final decision regarding compensation of the buyer. Buy54 Holdings Ltd. will act according to the decision received from that partner site with which the process is conducted.
  6. Product shipment is carried out in accordance with the policy of the platform from which the product is ordered and under its responsibility. The shipping time varies from product to product according to the platform or specific seller of the product and appears in the product details on the site.
  7. Items ordered from Amazon – Since most products from Amazon are not shipped to Israel but are sent through a warehouse in the USA, there is no possibility to turn to consumer protection in case of a problem with a product and there is no possibility to return and/or exchange products.
  8. In any inquiry regarding a defective product/a product received differently than described, the site may ask the buyer to send the product back to the seller in exchange for a full monetary refund, where the cost of shipping is solely the responsibility of the buyer. In every case of returning a product to the seller, the cost of shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer, according to the policies of the partner sites.
  9. Certain products from eBay are not shipped to Israel and are sent via a third-party warehouse in the USA before being shipped to Israel. In these cases, the shipping price is not final and there may be additional costs. If this situation occurs, we will contact the customer before sending out the order and inform about the relevant shipping price. The customer has the right to request cancellation of the order in this case and receive a full refund for the product purchased.
  10. After receiving approval for a monetary refund from the partner sites for the purchase of item/s, Buy54 will transfer the received amount (according to the same or different currency exchange rate) to the user's account on the site, and the user will be able to use the received amount for future uses on the Buy54 site.
  11. In order to request a payment and transfer it to the user's credit card account, the user must enter the balance page and click on the balance refund button. For the avoidance of doubt, a refund will only be given to the user who made the purchase of the item/s.
  12. Buy54 does not bear responsibility, either directly or indirectly, for the monetary return and/or the amount of the monetary refund received from the partner sites in any case, including refusal, cancellation, delay, additional expenses, default, and more.
  13. The credit and transfer of the amount to the user's card will be approximately between 10 to 14 days, from the day the instruction to transfer the monetary refund was received.
  14. Although "Bitcoin" and "Cashback" are available for redemption on the site as payment methods, in the case of a monetary refund after payment made through "Bitcoin" and/or "Cashback", the monetary refund received can only be used on the Buy54 site, and the amount will not be transferred back to "Bitcoin" and/or "Cashback".